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When choosing a name for the gable stone , the preference was often for everyday items. Five Gable stones with a horse can still be found in the city. The one here looks like a baroque horse, perhaps a Frisian horse.
On Maastricht gable stones you encounter 'horse', but also 'peert', 'peerdt' or ´cheval', as they were pronounced in dialect or French. There are several gable stones in French, which is not surprising with all those travellers from Wallonia. The horses had different colours to further distinguish themselves from each other, with black and white being the most common colours.

In 1760 Jean Dubien was mentioned in relation to the property 'The Black Horse'. He was a merchant. At that time the street was called Helstraat. He also owned the adjacent rear house (address Ridderstraat). Through his heirs the house came into the possession of Joannes Wijnands in 1786. The backhouse was used by Dubien as a warehouse. Wijnands turned it into a brewery. When Wijnands died in 1840, his son bought the property. He was also a brewer. In 1851 he sold the property to Jan Lodewijk Godding, a brewer by profession. He did not live there, but the Wesly family did, the master being an inspector of gold and silver. Another ten years later Jan Willem Rutten bought the building. He was a brewer. In 1869 the brewery was dismantled and in 1874 it was sold to Jacobus van der Loo. After the death of Jacobus, his wife and his children, Anna Goffin became the owner in 1938. She was a merchant. The shed behind the house was sold separately in 1953. The property on Bernardusstraat is currently in private hands and the owner lives in the building.

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