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The name plate may still be there, but the wild man himself has taken off.

The phenomenon that a Gable stone, which was secured during a renovation, was also not always safely stored, is evident from the history of this stone.
Originally from Achter het Vleeshuis 4, it was in the museum in 1912, i.e. stored in the basement under the Dinghuis. It was complete and intact at the time as shown in a photograph taken at the time. In 1923 the wild man was at the Help Gate, then also a storage place, from where it was transferred to the outlying site of the new LGOG (Limburgs Geschied- en Oudheidkundig Genootschap) museum at Lenculenstraat. According to reports, the wild man was then missing its head.
During the transition to the former Bonnefanten monastery, the remnants of loose Gable stones were transferred to the municipal storage facility in Limmel. During on-site research in 1977 the wild man's caption, broken into two pieces, and other items were recovered. The image itself had disappeared.

A year later the gable stones were back in the Bonnefanten monastery's outdoor courtyard, while at the opening of the museum in the Entre-Deux they were moved there. Under the motto 'let´s clean out the depository' many a stone was reinstated.
The inscription IN THE WILD MAN then found a place at Lenculenstraat 10.  

The wild man used to be liked at inns, as he was the symbol of drunks. But he was also no stranger to heraldry, mostly as a shield bearer. Probably modelled on the god Hercules, he was depicted as a large, strong, naked man with a club and a lion skin or oak leaf around the hips.

Then when you also give him one eye, you immediately think of the cyclops.
That was the reason why the occupant of Cyclops Court 12 used the (vanished) wild man as an example for his Gable stone .

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