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The red lion was the name of a brewery at Bogaardenstraat 50, which belonged to the Zelis family in the eighteenth century.
The red lion of Holland was not only found in this region, but also outside it, especially inns being popular with the Dutch. This may also have been the case here, as a brewery was usually also an inn.
During the French siege of 1794 the building was shot to pieces, but the Gable stone apparently survived: AU LION ROUGE 1789 IN THE RED LION.

The spelling of DEN in the caption is striking. The small N was not painted by the painter and is therefore difficult to see at the moment.
The stonemason will also have forgotten it at first when cutting the stone, so it had to be added later.

Bishop Ludovicus Rutten

When the Congregation of the Brothers of the Immaculate Conception of Mary(Congregatio Fratrum Immaculatae Conceptionis Beatae Mariae Virginis; abbreviated: F.I.C.), also called Brothers of Maastricht or Brothers of the Beyart, was founded in 1840 by Msgr Ludovicus Hubertus Rutten, the monastery was initially located at Bogaardenstraat 50.

It is a worldwide Roman Catholic congregation with its head office in Maastricht, which has become known especially for its work in education.
In 1854 the first primary school was founded, the Sint-Aloysiusschool, and in 1873 the Sint-Bernardusschool. In 1878 the various friars' schools in Maastricht had 1700 pupils, 1500 of whom came from poor families (600 paid no school fees at all). The friars in Maastricht also had a teacher training course very early on, in order to provide for the training of teachers for the many primary schools in The Netherlands.

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