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The gate of Brusselsestraat 38 give access to De Beyart, the former monastery of the Brothers of the Immaculate Conception, today a home for the elderly.

To the right of the entrance to the Beyart, in the garden wall of the adjacent building, there are two new marl stones. The first contains a lily with the inscription
(=under the leadership of the Holy Mary virgin received without blemish).
Representation and text together form the coat of arms of the congregation. Exactly the same design, but in hardstone, stands next to the new main entrance of the elderly care centre of the Beyart.
The coat of arms placed next to it with the caption REST TRIPELS 2011 refers to the Tripels law firm established in the neighbouring house.

This side wall of number 36, which dates from 1660, has bands of marl and was restored in 2011. Then, in addition to the Tripels family coat of arms, the brothers' coat of arms was made and presented to the Beyart by Mr. Fernand Tripels.

In the garden there is the former bell of the monastery chapel, which has a chronogram.

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