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We find this Christian symbol on three houses, which used to go through life as "the soete naam" at Grote Gracht 20, Boschstraat 64 and Rechtstraat 11.
The first three letters of Jesus in Greek capital letters (ΙΗΣΟΥΣ): Iota, Eta and Sigma. This is also written as IHC. The capital letter S is originally written as Σ in Greek, whereas that H should have been an E. With this, the original meaning was also lost and the letters were explained as: Iesus Hominum Salvator, i.e. Jesus savior of men. In addition, a cross was often placed on the H, so that it could be read: In Hoc Signo, i.e. In This Sign, which then referred to the cross.

Rechtstraat 11 and Boschstraat 64:

The one at Grote Gracht also has the Burning Heart of Jesus added, whereas the stone at Tongersestraat 53 (the former Jesuit monastery) depicts the nails with which Christ was nailed to the cross.

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