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On Van Hasseltkade, formerly known as Langs de Maas 10, before it was demolished in 1847 during the construction of the canal to Liege, the angel hung out, which is now reinstated at Jekerstraat 33.
The image of IN THE ANGEL is rather battered and it is not easy to distinguish what he or she has in his or her hand. Particularly the year was only half present, and during the restoration 1709 was made out of it, but according to De Stuers it must have been 1729.

At the former address the following rhyme could be read under the angel:  

In the beloved angel
Come in my friend
Here on tap is lovely
Gin and beer.

So it is clear that this was a drinking establishment along the river Meuse and that the hanging angel was not the city angel, because that was more or less reserved for the works carried out by the city and which also bore the city star.

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