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Mariastraat 23 and 25 have long been related to Muntstraat 31, called the "Green House". These properties collectively have had the same owner from the beginning of the 19th century until today. From 1840 onwards this has become the Lambriex family. This was and is a well-known Maastricht family. Jacob Gerard Lambriex (according to the civil deeds Gerardus Jacobus) married Maria Anna Hoeberechts in 1830. Her sister Maria Aldegonde married Petrus Regout in 1825. Lambriex and Regout were connected not only by their marriages, but also in business in the field of manufacturing hardware. The Lambriex family lived at Muntstraat 31, and after the death of Jacob Gerardus his wife and children continued to live there. Son Jan Hubert Eugene was registered at Mariastraat 23 between 1880-1898. The properties Mariastraat 23 and 25 were described as "a house and a factory and forge. The factory was operated by the Lambriex family and the forge, located at Mariastraat 25, was used by J.A. Bogman, who rented it between 1891 and 1903. He then moved to Wycker Grachtstraat. The properties Muntstraat 31 and Mariastraat 23 and 25 remained the property of the wider Lambriex family and in particular the Du Moulin branch by marriage until 1951. The 1695 bricks were placed on the occasion of the construction of a new facade at the time.

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