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Between Bouillonstraat and Lenculenstraat lies the Old Provincial Government of Limburg, built between 1930 and 1935 and replacing an earlier dilapidated government building.
It has been in use by the university since 1990.

At Bouillonstraat there was the so-called governor's section with reception rooms, offices and the official residence of the Queen's Commissioner.
The States part whose main entrance is located at Lenculenstraat included the former State hall, the meeting room of Provincial Councils and the offices of the deputies.
The entrance there consists of three natural stone arcades in a frame of Kunrader stone, quarried in the region. Above each arcade there is sculpture by Charles Vos of a miner, the provincial coat of arms and a farmer. Above the three stained glass windows on the upper floors is the national coat of arms in sandstone. In the two semicircular wings on either side of this entrance the garages were originally located.

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