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The Maastricht coat of arms is in the bridgehead to the right of the bridge, easily seen from the bridge keeper's house.

The stone originally stood as a keystone in the stone arch that replaced the wooden span between the St Servaas bridge and the bank on the Wycker side in 1827.

Gate and wooden span of the Maas bridge, Maastricht, situation before 1806 (drawing by Ph v Gulpen, ca 1850).

For centuries the channel in the river Meuse between the St. Servaas bridge and the embankment in Wyck was bridged by a wooden bridge section, which was replaced by a stone arch in 1827. On the southern side the arch received a keystone with the Maastricht city star and the foundation date OCTOB 1827. The stone arch was made during the reign of William I. That is why his "coat of arms" was placed on the other side of the arch and now of the bridge.

On the right is the stone arch with the Maastricht coat of arms on the southern side.

The stone arch was replaced in 1932 by a steel lift bridge section and then the keystones on the left and right were reinstalled in the quay wall. A little further down, on the other side of the St. Servaas bridge in the quay wall on the Oeverwal near the former De Ridder brewery (Oeverwal 3-9), there is another city crest, also called the water angel. In popular speech it was called: if that angel gets "wet feet", the residents of Wyck know that they have to take measures because of the high water.

The St Servaas Bridge in stone dates from the thirteenth century. In the course of time the other arches were systematically renewed, as can be seen from several keystones bearing the date.

Another keystone dating from 1699 has been placed in the quay wall at Corversplein.

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