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This gable stone was placed in 1955 by lawyer Max Tripels. The inscription Suum Cuique: "to each his own or what is his due" finds its origin in Plato (427 bc) and is an essential principle of the jurisprudence Corpus Iuris Civilis. In conjunction with the image of the scales it represents the activities of Tripels's lawyers, who have been located at Brusselsestraat 36 since 1868. Later the neighbouring office buildings 32 and 34 were added. Founder was Prof. Mr. Gustave Tripels (1844-1911), lawyer and professor at the University of Liege.

The building Brusselsestraat 36 was composed between 1806 and 1808 by combining the houses 99 and 100 (the first house numbering) into one under the watchful eye of master builder Mathias Soiron, one of the most famous architect-builders in Maastricht. After the renumbering the property first became number 1611 and later number 36 until today.

On 10 July 1816 Henricus Tripels, Gustave's grandfather, bought the building for 10,000 francs. From 1816 onwards it has been continuously in the possession of the Tripels family, whose 6th generation now occupies the property.

Prof. Mr. Gustave Tripels

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