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This property was originally the refuge of Munsterbilzen.
In 1682 it belonged to two born countesses of Reckheim and canonesses of Munsterbilzen, Anna Maria Eleonora and Anna Antoinetta. The former, princess abbess, donated her share of the Gate of Munsterbilzen to her sister when the latter left Munsterbilzen to marry the Count of Tilly.
It became known as Hof van Tilly, the former city palace where Tilly and his wife lived during his governorship of Maastricht.
The building underwent many renovations over time, transforming from a hotel de ville to primary school, to teachers' school and finally now UM's Faculty of Cultural Studies. What has remained of his royal(?) residence through rigorous modifications would certainly not have charmed Tilly, although it must be said that the remainder is currently very nicely refurbished. By the way, Coen Eggen has shown with building archaeological research that there was a lot of pretence there and that Tilly was more than guilty of recycling and camouflaging.

Fountain in the courtyard with the relief of Amphitrite's capture by Poseidon.


Claude Frederic Tilly (1648 - 1723) was a professional soldier. He first served in the army of France and Spain, but in 1672 he entered the service of the States General. It was also he and his cavalry company who guarded the Prison Gate in The Hague when the De Witt brothers were imprisoned there. He only withdrew on the express written order of his superiors. His comment: "The De Witt brothers are now dead men."
Tilly's military career was finally concluded with the governorship of Maastricht from 1718 until his death in 1723.

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