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The memorial stone added later to the facade states - as do the two chronograms in the courtyard - that this home was founded in 1493 by Lambertus van Middelhoven, then town priest and steward of the poorhouse of the Holy Spirit.
A will dated 3 May 1493 stipulated that twelve citizens, at least 60 years old and no longer able to work, were to be accommodated here from his estate.

It was given the name Twelve Apostles' House and that name was depicted in an Apostle's beam. Not the one that can still be seen today, but a replica, because the original apostles are currently housed in the Museum aan het Vrijthof, to protect them from the weather.

The original Apostle Bar in the museum.

In the courtyard two chronograms were installed in 1640 after restoration and in 1893 on the occasion of the 500th anniversary.

The courtyard

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