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In 1903 it was placed in the building of the Emile de Stuers Foundation. The first stone was laid by Alice de Stuers, daughter of Victor de Stuers.

Description: shield with three red slanting beams with to the left and right a gold-headed, green-spiked red rose; shield holders two silver greyhounds with collars, on the banners a double-headed eagle; the shield is covered by a crowned helmet; helmet sign: silver greyhound half with collars in flight, to the right gold, to the left silver.

Kruisherengang 12, the former patronage building and known as the Stuers Building, was commissioned by the de Stuers family and built in the garden of their parental home, Brusselsestraat 77, opening onto Kruisherengang.

It served as the cradle of the Catholic labour movement.
In memory of Emile de Stuers, Victor's eldest brother, the foundation was named after him and in the facade, next to the coat of arms of the family, the bust of Emile, made by Alphons de Stuers, another brother and also a sculptor, was placed and signed with ALP DE STUERS SC. The inscription Stichting Emile ridder de Stuers is also on the facade.
So it is NOT the portrait of Victor de Stuers, as is usually - erroneously - claimed.

In the parental home at Brusselsestraat 77 a commemorative stone of Victor de Stuers, founder of the  National Heritage Trust, still hangs in the hall.

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